RECIPE for the Perfect Birthday Celebration


Add several other dear friends,

Continue Stirring while adding more assorted friends…unknown to me, dear to best  friend…UNTIL TOTAL EQUALS 17

Add sprawling 15th century English manor house in the Cotswolds, elegantly appointed

Now slowly and carefully Add the wet ingredients…a house full of epicures and good cooks, including one bona fide gourmet chef; more than your share of wine aficionados; one expert bellini maker      

Optional extra toppings include:

Swimming in heated outdoor pool, with air temps of 45 degrees F;

long walks in Cotswold countryside;

stroll through historic market village;

eating from one meal until the next;

non-stop laughter;

Roaring 20’s-themed dinner and dancing;

more sumptuous meals by candlelight;

highly competitive table tennis tournament;

tennis whites on soggy court with overcoats…setting new Wimbledon trend!

our own fantastic fireworks display;

turning new acquaintances into new friends

LET CHILL    from late Friday afternoon until Monday morning…and voila!

…the most perfect, most fun, magical birthday celebration!


2 comments on “RECIPE for the Perfect Birthday Celebration

  1. Shoshanna says:

    Wish I was there!

  2. A dream Birthday. Magical indeed!

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