Tour de France, junior varsity team

The house we are renting comes with 2 bicycles, at our request.

It seemed like a lovely idea at the time…the French countryside, endless vineyards and olive trees, dry, sunny days that went on forever, and we two cycling leisurely, baguette and wine in our side bags.

Hold that image!

The truth is we are tired and sleeping late.  Breakfast on the terrace is full of fresh croissants, homemade jam, fruit, sheep’s milk yogurt, and dark, strong espresso.  By then the Mediterranean sun is getting high in the sky, the village cobblestones are warming up and voilà, who feels like getting on a bicycle at that point, I ask you? Continue reading

I Lost My Camera, Found my Mind

I lost my camera on my way back from England last November.  It was quite stupid, really.

Broke the rule of ‘don’t have too many satellites around you’, so I lost track of one of them and Voila.

For a time I thought it might show up, so I trawled lost and found sites, called International Airlines, had a local friend make a ‘Don’t mess with me, I’m not a tourist’  phone call, but to no avail.

It is lost.

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