A New Year, An Old Me


A New Year and a New visit to the old ABOUT page.

Revisiting is good.   Reviewing is useful.  Taking stock can be instructive.  It shows us where we have been and asks if we want to keep on in that direction.

So, looking at my first ABOUT page…August 2012.  A lot has happened.  A lot has changed.

And at the same time, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

I am still supremely devoted to Journey. Culture. People. Food.  I still believe in the transformative and introspective capacity of travel.  (And I still have that green sweater and I still enjoy cooking classes while visiting other countries)

Having not posted in a while, in spite of many hours and miles logged in new adventures, I want another look at About Me…where it all started.

Looking back, the premise hasn’t changed…I am at my most open, most engaged, most hopeful and happiest…when traveling.

I get renewed by the people I meet, the vistas I see, the cultures I devour.

So I put this forth…

This is a blog about journey…could be near, could be far.  It could involve new stamps in a passport, or maybe not.  The goal is not to tick off countries, the goal is to experience.  This blog is about a collection of moments that when pieced together, fashion a life.

Whoa, who knew reflection sounded so serious?

HOWEVER, she said lightening the mood, reflecting on five weeks spent in Portugal last summer, there were many moments that looked like this and that’s a                        Journey. Culture. People. Food Wonderful thing!


Many moments, many Pastéis de Nata