Weekly Photo Challenge: SIGNS

This is one of my favorite SIGNS.  Although the meaning must have been clear to the city government in Barcelona who determined it should be there, I believe there could be several interpretations.

No tourists taking pictures allowed!

No tourists taking pictures allowed!

So, what exactly is verboten?  The shorts?  The backpack? Socks with sandals?

This sign is in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona, in an alley behind Santa Maria del Mar church, where there were no tourists (or people of any kind) or interesting sights worthy of a photo.

But, if you see the guy in this SIGN, PLEASE take a picture of him!

Weekly Photo Challenge: NIGHTTIME

As this week’s photo challenge NIGHTTIME asserts, photos taken at night have a totally different aura than the same photo taken during the day.

These are my Night (and Sunset)  photos of San Sebastián, Spain, a beautiful and lively city that actually does have a different personality daytime to nighttime!

(Click on them to get full impact!)


Weekly Photo Challenge: CHANGE

As they say in France, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”  (The more things change, the more they remain the same)

Often the smallest changes produce the greatest impact.  The large ones, well…”Plus ça change…”

When we were very young, my brother, sister and I would pile into the family station wagon each summer for our annual road trip to…somewhere reachable by car.  My father got the greatest enjoyment out of stopping as we crossed the state line from Pennsylvania to New York and saying, “See kids…see how different it is here…isn’t it grand in New York State?”  We would look behind us, at the sprawling green hills and trees, look in front of us, at the sprawling green hills and trees, and slowly, eyeing each other for a spark of insight, mumble, yyyesss.

And onward to state lines up and down the seaboard.  (Was our entire road trip one big inside joke for my father?  Anyway, that’s a whole other story)

And So went the CHANGES we noticed crossing provincial lines and country borders between (and within) France and Spain…back and forth, hugging the border.  The signs signaled a CHANGE, not so the countryside.

Now the food…

Ch ch ch changes…