Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

For this week’s photo challenge, Humanity, I choose to highlight one of the most delightful experiences where all kinds of people come together for a common pursuit…the weekly market. Being in small town, southern France at the moment, markets are all around us, the closest being in the town of Ganges, in the Hérault Valley, north of Montpellier.

Every Friday, hawking food and everything else you can imagine, there are artisanal bakers, butchers, fish mongers, cheese makers, olive producers, fruit and vegetable farmers, alongside people selling skirts, tops, sneakers, leather handbags, records and CD’s, incense, pottery, flowers and even one stall selling mattresses (HOW do you get that in/on your car?) and did I mention the live chickens, pigeons and rabbits?!

They are there week after week, sometimes making a sale that doesn’t even equal a Euro, and always with a very pleasant, “merci, bonne journée’.

Even if my pantry is full, I go to the weekly market…it is a grand celebration of life and humanity.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color

The vendors’ stalls in El Mercat de La Boqueria in Barcelona breathe life into color.

Once inside, you realize that you have never before seen red, until you saw the strawberries in front to you…you’ve never seen orange until that piece of Valencia next to it.

Splash of Color, La Boqueria

The myriad of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, coffee, cafes, tapas…each vendor hawking his wares, looking you in the eye to make sure you understand that theirs is the best, the freshest, the tastiest, beyond compare.

Si, Señora, these are the best!

As soon as you enter La Boqueria, you are swept in, like a pebble in a river’s current, and the smartest idea is to go with the tide.

So many different colors of tomatoes

The fruits and vegetables bloom in the ultimate expression of their given colors…

while the grays, whites and pinks of the squid and octopus are pulsing as they writhe to escape the fishmonger’s table.

The colors fill the air, surround you and get into your nostrils as you inhale…

LIVING color…vibrant, palpable, LIVING color.