What doesn’t make you stronger, only makes you fatter

There is nothing more illustrative of “Journey. People. Culture. Food.”  than the traveling baker to the small villages in this area of the Cévennes.

St. Jean de Buèges, like many of the local villages, is not big enough to support a baker (or a store of any sort, for that matter) so the baker, the Boulangère, comes to us.

Pinch me!    How long have I dreamt about a traveling pastry truck driving to me?! Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: CULTURE

CULTURE  has countless meanings, depending on where you are standing at the moment.  Here, in my home in the U.S., I (love to) think of something ‘other’…international…different from ‘American Culture‘.

So, in photos I have chosen to show one of my favorite cities…Istanbul…with a culture all its own…different, even, from surrounding countries because of its unique geographical position straddling two continents…part of the city in Europe, part in Asia, across the Bosphorus.

Istanbul is a striking study of East meets West…centuries-old iconic structures and mosques…

schoolchildren in uniform with iPod buds in their ears…and my favorite moment that I was too slow to capture…a burka-clad young woman on a moped!

Extra-ordinary! Continue reading