St. Jean de Buèges, France

There is a very small village in the Languedoc Rousillon region of France that is now our home for a month. Simply by putting our suitcases into our house we raised the local population from 109 to 111 for the month of September. Yes, very small village.

This is a necessary slowing down, a putting on the brakes that can only be done when everyone around you is doing the same…when the lifestyle dictates the road speed. It’s noon…go home and eat lunch…you may as well lie down a bit, too, because nothing opens again until 2:00.

Yes, the lifestyle posts the road signs…and we plan to obey every rule!



3 comments on “St. Jean de Buèges, France

  1. I have been in the Bueges Valley and it is lovely; the Herault river is beautiful too. I have recently returned from France, St Hippolyte du Fort, and am posting – perhaps you would like to visit?

    • Thank you for your comment. I see that St. Hippolyte du Fort is not far from here. We just might make it a destination.
      This is such a beautiful area. There is so much to see, yet there is much to be said for staying in place!

  2. Wrong website entered above!

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