Duck, Foie Gras, Armagnac and other health food

We are in the area of GASCOGNE, well known for its varied and coveted preparations of
Duck, Foie Gras and Armagnac.
It is also well known for its figuring in the French Paradox…that documented contradiction between what we believe is unhealthy eating [COPIOUS amounts of triple-cream cheeses, fat, bread and red wine!] while remaining thin, healthy and living longer.
Although we are certainly putting it to the test while here, we’ve been told…NO…nice try…you actually have to LIVE here to make it work. OK to that!
Duck fat, our host tells us, is one of the healthiest fats and therefore it appears in almost everything served (at dinner, anyway).
As we study this phenomenon with each mouthful and sip,
A votre santé!


2 comments on “Duck, Foie Gras, Armagnac and other health food

  1. sallyfrankel says:

    Pictures are fabulous. So glad you are having such a great time. Love mom

  2. lewisfogel says:

    Yum, yum!

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