Lot Valley/Midi Pyrenees update

Quick post…Internet very temperamental!

Rendez-vous with Jacqueline in Carcassone. Beautiful 13th century Cathar fortress. Stayed within the walls of the old city…wonderful!
Off to join Rob and Barbara at their beautiful home in Roquessude…again…don’t bother with maps. They have shown us the most amazing small villages and hamlets that are only known by someone who lives here. Sunday lunch in the artist’s colony of Les Arques…(look up Ossip Zadkine).
Beautiful night under the stars with Jacqueline, Rob and Barbara…we are on our own tomorrow.
And it’s off to St. Cirq Lapopie…beautiful cliffside town, but we are going just for the name.
Bonne nuit!


2 comments on “Lot Valley/Midi Pyrenees update

  1. Judi Fogel says:

    We didn’t know you were posting…I was waiting for an e-mail that never came. Then today someone posted and I got a notification- so now I know you are there!! Love the photos and comments and miss you… I got a teaching job (gulp!) starting tomorrow at Don Estridge Hi Teach (haha, me high tech???) Middle school teaching ESE Reading in 7th grade! I know nothing about this and am going in pretty blind, but the other staff members seem very nice. Wish me luck!
    Continue to enjoy and keep us posted. We miss you!, Love, Judi & Lewis

  2. cousstu says:

    Very nice, Fran.

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