Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Forgive me…this is not today’s lunch with my camera phone…I often skip lunch, and that would be a pretty boring photo…


One of the most memorable Lunches I have ever had, was a Sunday lunch last summer in Les Arques, France at Le Recreation (I’m not really sure if there is any other restaurant in this village, in which case, I could just say, I had lunch in Les Arques!)

Elegant, memorable, wonderful ambiance, the most delicious food, and great friends…what could be better?



Weekly Photo Challenge: FORWARD

Last weekend on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, we had the privilege of visiting Boone Hall Plantation…one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.

Its Avenue of the Oaks is famous for being the inspiration in the opening scenes of Gone With the Wind.  Although the main house is quite beautiful, the moss-covered oaks, bowing to each other in the middle of the dirt road, are truly something to behold.  The trees beckon you FORWARD…but one just can’t help pausing to stare.

Avenue of the Oaks, Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

Avenue of the Oaks, Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

Frankly, Scarlett...

Frankly, Scarlett…

Weekly Photo Challenge: HOME

This week’s photo challenge is HOME.

I snapped this picture as I watched a butterfly emerge from its Home of about 2 weeks.

This first photo is the very compact apartment of the chrysalis:



The butterfly is about to emerge, as it has turned from jewel-green to black and orange.

Emerging Monarch

Emerging Monarch

He is clinging on to the old home while his wings are drying.

Next, For Sale sign up and looking for new Home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE

I chose to interpret this week’s photo challenge of the word UNIQUE as Michelle did, offering her submission of an open red tulip bloom in a sea of yellow buds…UNEXPECTED.

As I look back, my trip to Egypt, in itself UNEXPECTED, was full of UNIQUE experiences at every turn.

This is a country so rich with history and artifacts, many of them superbly preserved, that it is a wondrous and definitely Unique experience!

I think my first unexpected jolt was the Giza pyramids themselves.

Close your eyes, imagine…PYRAMIDS, and you are in the middle of a barren, expansive desert…correct?  Well, in fact, they are just minutes outside the city limits, visible from just about everywhere which shattered the image I had of needing a camel trek of several days to reach them.  It took us only 20 minutes by bus to reach the site from our hotel, and yes, if you turn your back on the city and look out over the plateau, the stately pyramids DO look surrounded by nothing but endless desert.  They are grand, mysterious, unique in every way…and city-accessible.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE



MANY interpretations of this week’s photo challenge.  After reflecting on some of them, I chose to go with an iconic image, which I took years ago, and wish I had a better, faster camera at the time, to capture the quickly changing expressions, and heart-thumping emotions that I saw.

These pictures were taken in the walled medieval town of Monteriggioni, near Siena in Tuscany, Italy.  While we were being tourists in this preserved fortress from the 1200’s, a bride pulled up in front of us, grabbed yards of wedding dress in one hand, while she stepped out of the car with the other.  I raced over with my camera to see her flower girl, giddy with excitement, trying to be helpful.  I captured the bride, as a breeze came along and lifted her veil.

Then, the bride and her father walked arm in arm into the church.    I followed them into the slanted doorway of this medieval church, and watched the Italian nuptials unfold.


You can see the crowds of tourists lining up to see the bride, entering this centuries old church, right next to the Ristorante Il Piccolo Castello.  (reception?)

Bride and flower girl, Monteriggioni, Italy

Bride and flower girl, Monteriggioni, Italy


Bride and her father walk into the church, Monteriggioni, Italy

Bride and her father walk into the church, Monteriggioni, Italy


Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND ll

The challenge is to find interest and depth BEYOND  the subject framed in the photo.

Although I can’t take credit for Taking the photo, since it is a picture of me, can I say it was my idea/my instructions/my choice of location?

Anyway, it is a fair shot of me, an excellent shot of what is beyond me…the remains of the ancient Greek Theatre in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, and beyond that, the bay lapping at Giardini Naxos near the bottom of the shot and a quiet Mt. Etna in the top right.

Moi, Greek Temple at Taormina, Mt. Etna in background

Moi, ancient Greek Theatre at Taormina, Sicily, Mt. Etna in background


AND, I just realized that the header on my blog is ALSO taken in Taormina, Sicily, out of my hotel window, of the towers of an old villa, with a snow-covered Mt. Etna BEYOND in the background!